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28-70mm F2-2.8 for RF mount from CANON [Patent]

CANON filed a patent of 28-70mm F2-2.8 for RF mount.
No Image-stabilization group may suggest an implementation of IBIS in a future EOS R camera.


Specification and lens arrangement of embodiment 1
Focal length: 28.68 - 67.90 mm
F number: 2.26 - 2.91
Half angle of view: 37.03 - 17.67
Image height: 21.64 - 21.64 mm
Lens length: 149.69 - 174.43 mm
Back focus: 20.57 - 35.45 mm
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Tilting sensor reducing an eccentricity of lens from CANON [Patent]

CANON filed a patent of tilting sensor to reduce an eccentricity of lens.
This patent is very simple application of IBIS.

【公開番号】特開2018-194766(P2018-194766A) click here
Embodiment of camera system
Embodiment of sensor

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New FOVEON sensor using dual (not triple) layers of pixels to improve readout speed [Patent]

SIGMA, an owner of FOVEON, filed a patent of a sensor using dual layers of pixels to improve readout speed.

【公開番号】特開2018-195961(P2018-195961A) click here

Each pixel has two layers of "B and G" or "G and R" as shown in a figure of embodiment.

All pixels have G layer (a) and missing colors of R or B at each pixels are interpolated as virtual Bayer array (b).
Sensor structure (a) and virtual Bayer array (b)

This method would be help an improvement of readout speed of a triple layer type FOVEON sensor for a high frame rate live-view and video recording.

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Chistmas colors [Square World]

街路樹(クロガネモチ Ilex rotunda)も冬の装いです。
Camera: NEX-7, Lens: SMC PENTAX-M ZOOM 28-50mm F3.5-4.5, Focal length: 50mm, Aper.: f/8, Ex.: 1/80 sec, ISO: 100.
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