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SIGMA 18-50mm F2.8 for Fixed Lens Camera with APS-C Sensor [Patent]

SIGMA filed patent of 18-50 mm F2.8 for APS-C sensor with very short back focus.
This patent may be for one of new dp/DPs.

【公開番号】特開2017-211496(P2017-211496A) click here

Specification and lens arrangement of embodiment 1
Focal length: 17.55 - 48.47 mm
F No.: 2.92
2ω: 81.42 - 32.32
Image height: 13.49 - 14.20 mm
Back focus: 1.0000 - 22.4957 mm
Lens length: 126.29 - 166.99 mm

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New DSLR camera system patent from FUJI FILM [Patent]

FUJI FILM filed patent of new DSLR camera system for a binocular.

【公開番号】特開2017-207524(P2017-207524A) click here

Embodiment 1
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SIGMA filed patent of Quattro-like read-out from Merrill-type sensor [Patent]

SIGMA filed patent of a method about Quattro-like high-speed read-out from Merrill-type sensor.

【公開番号】特開2017-208651(P2017-208651A) click here

Read-out example
In this example, all pixels of green layer (G) were read-out to obtain maximal resolution, but only 1/4 pixels of other layers (R and B) for color estimation to reduce data flow (and also a power-consumption).

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Capture One Express 10 (for Sony) vs. Imaging Edge 1.0 [機材]

ソニーが、αシリーズカメラの RAW ファイルを現像できる Imaging Edge (Remote/View/Edit) の無料公開をはじめました。
そこで、すでにフリーで公開されユーザーも多いであろう Phase One の Capture One Express 10 (for Sony) との比較を行いました。NEX-7 の RAW をソフトウェアのデフォルト設定で現像しています。
左が Capture One Express 10 (for Sony)、右が Imaging Edge 1.0 です。
デフォルト設定では、Capture One Express 10 (for Sony) のほうがメリハリの利いた画像が出力されます。

縦の画素数を4000から1181まで縮小した画像で、上が Capture One Express 10 で、下が Imaging Edge です。

Capture One と Imaging Edge は共にレンズ収差の自動補正が可能ですが、歪曲については、Capture One は画像を縮小することで補正し、Imaging Edge は拡大することで補正します。個人的には、解像度の劣化がない Capture One の方が好みです。劣化しない代償に画素数が減りますが…。

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The sensor to come for scientific and industrial cameras [機材]

Sony has published the brief specification of a square-format 1 inch BSI sensor, IMX533.
From the specification, this sensor seems to fulfill a demand for a scientific use at a lower cost than expensive current sCMOS sensors.

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15-145mm F3.4-6.5 for APS-C? from CANON [Patent]

CANON filed patent of 15-145mm F3.4-6.5.

【公開番号】特開2017-201365(P2017-201365A) click here

Specification and lens arrangement of embodiment 1
Focal length: 15.45 - 145.34 mm
F No.: 3.40 - 6.46
ω: 38.52 - 4.84
Image height: 12.3 mm (slightly smaller than Canon APS-C but bigger than 1.5 inch)
Lens length; 103.56 - 145.46 mm
Back focus: 10.50 mm

Aberrations of embodiment 1 at INF
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12-150mm F3.9-6.2 for m4/3 from OLYMPUS [Patent]

OLYMPUS filed patent of 12-150mm F3.9-6.2.

【公開番号】特開2017-199033(P2017-199033A) click here

Specification and lens arrangement of embodiment 6
Focal length: 12.253 - 146.736 mm
F No.: 3.900 - 6.200
2ω: 84.5 - 8.4
Image height: 10.04 - 11.15 mm
Lens length; 98.582 - 144.808 mm
Aberrations of embodiment 6 at INF
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